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Val’s Services was founded by a Brazilian woman, Val Oliveira and with the principles of the Brazilian cleaning. In other words, we are serious about cleaning. In Brazil, there is a specific word to describe a day dedicated for a thorough cleaning. This word is “faxina.” That’s what Brazilians call a thoroughly detailed cleaning at their homes. In conclusion, every week is spring cleaning because they love keeping things organized and neat. At Val’s Services, we do a Brazilian cleaning style. We’ll clean your house like we clean our own during a “faxina” day.

Why our clients love our cleaners:

Val’s Services cleaners receive a full month of paid training, have insurance and passed background checks. In other words, our Chicago cleaners know how to make our clients satisfied and are fully qualified to deliver the best house cleaning service in town. 


Founder + CEO

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Borislava is the founder and CEO of MyStrongCircle.com and on a mission to make digital fitness more human. After years of physical inactivity, Borislava fell in love with hot yoga. But then she tried indoor spinning classes and couldn’t decide if she is a yoga person or a spinning person. If she took spinning classes, she felt like she is cheating on the yoga studio where she was a member. But if she just did yoga, she felt her competitive side was neglected. And in one of those “bi-pollar” afternoons she decided to build a digital platform, where people can hand-pick their favorite fitness spots and enjoy unlimited access for a single membership and in easy app. Borislava wanted to build a digital product that also gave members the sense of community in the fitness clubs they’ve selected, as she believes deeper and meaningful human interactions help people lead happier lives.

Before taking on the road of entrepreneurship, Borislava spent 10+ years in Corporate Finance with the last few spent as a Finance Director at Life Fitness. In those days, Borislava balanced her left-brain, long hours day job, by going to the ballet and heavy metal shows.


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